Trial Services & Consulting

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Expertise you can’t find anywhere else.

Complete Legal’s trial services is led by a team of litigation experts who are well-versed at elevating your go-to trial strategy. We offer project consulting, graphics creation, pre-trial presentation preparation, trial presentation, equipment rental, and courtroom/war room Audio-Video set up.

A partner at trial so you can focus on what you do best.

  • Trial graphics creation: Your cases often involve complex data, consult with one of our experts on the best way to convey your story to a judge and jury through graphics.
  • Pre-trial presentation preparation: With Complete Legal, your electronic trial presentations become effective tools for increasing a juror’s understanding of your case.
  • Exhibit database building: Before going to trial, our expert trial consultants will create and organize a database of key documents and potential trial exhibits ensuring they are well organized and easily available at all times.
  • Technology training: A solid in-house technology strategy help you become a more effective trial attorney. Our in-person or web-based training can educate you and your firm on new hire training to increase speed to market, one-on-one training on specific document review platforms, litigation strategy, and trial prevention.
  • Video editing: We offer professionally edited and enhanced video footage. If your trial will call for the playback of video of any type, Complete Legal will guarantee any editing and enhancement is done to the highest of standards.
  • Trial presentation: During trial, we will operate any appropriate software and/or audio-visual equipment to strengthen your courtroom presentation.

Trial Services

  • Software Training
  • Technology Training, Set-up, and Management
  • Trial Graphics
  • Equipment Rental
  • Exhibit Database Building
  • Trial Hot Seat
  • Litigation Strategy
  • Trial Presentation
  • Courtroom Presentation
  • New-hire Training
  • Project Consulting
  • Trial Consulting
  • Trial Boards
  • Graphics Creation
  • Video Editing

Before you go to trial, call us.

Let us do the complicated technical work so you can focus on getting results for your clients.

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