Bradette Groves, Director of Project Management

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Nearly two decades of trial experience.

Bradette has significant trial and litigation experience having worked for law firms of all sizes as a paralegal and project manager for nearly 20 years. She has worked in all areas of the law and with hundreds of attorneys across the country.

Over the past 5 years, Bradette has worked as Lead Project Manager responsible for a federal district court discovery program. She has coordinated large, multi-defendant lawsuits including volumes of discovery and immense amounts of Electronically Stored Information (ESI). Bradette has built usable databases for attorneys across the nation.

A passion for finding solutions.

Bradette takes charge and makes things happen. Her approach to problem solving and efficiency places focus on the realities of litigation. Bradette has delivered legal industry success and will help you build and deliver your strongest cases.

Advance your approach to discovery.

One of Bradette’s strengths is in gathering immense amounts of data and organizing it in a useable way for the attorney. Her approach maximizes your ability to access information, in ways that make sense to you, your client, and your judge.

From the beginning of your case, during arbitration, through discovery, settlement, or at trial, Bradette anticipates your needs. She will help you ask the right questions, organize your discovery, identify strengths and weaknesses, and create a comprehensive case management plan.

Bradette lives in Leawood, Kansas with attorney husband, Rob, and two young children. She is an avid sports fan, and in her free time, enjoys cheering on the Chiefs, Royals and Oklahoma Sooners.


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