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About Christina Hergott

Christina has nearly ten years of experience developing and executing strategic marketing plans for small and medium sized businesses. Her goal is to understand your firm, your target client, and how to best reach them so she can help your firm succeed.

Why We Became the KCMBA’s Official eDiscovery Partner + Our Bench-Bar Plans

By: Jeff Dreiling and Eric Kelting For those of you heading to the Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association’s (KCMBA) Bench-Bar & Boardroom Conference in Branson, Missouri this week, we want to share why we decided to partner so closely with KCMBA as a Platinum-level Affinity partner and their Official eDiscovery Partner and invite you [...]

Experience Makes the Difference with Traditional Services

While many people know Complete Legal for our ESI consulting, eDiscovery and trial graphics services, there is another important part of our business: traditional services. Traditional services include printing and scanning, things that are imperative to most law firms, but often aren’t in the limelight with today’s focus on technology. Just as we can [...]

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How a Hot Seat Operator Helps You Succeed at Trial

It’s a critical point in the trial and you’re getting ready to introduce a key piece of evidence. All of a sudden, the screen goes blank and your video won’t play. You’re panicking, your paralegal is scrambling, the judge is impatient and the jury (not to mention your client) is beginning to question your [...]

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Complete Legal Joins KCMBA as Affinity Partner, Official eDiscovery Partner

By: Eric Kelting, Co-Founder and Jeff Dreiling, Co-Founder, eDiscovery Consultant Kansas City, MO -- Complete Legal is pleased to announce they are the newest Platinum-level partner in the Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association (KCMBA)’s Affinity Partner Program and the Official eDiscovery Partner of KCMBA. KCMBA’s Platinum Affinity Partners meet strict requirements to participate in [...]

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