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Christina has nearly ten years of experience developing and executing strategic marketing plans for small and medium sized businesses. Her goal is to understand your firm, your target client, and how to best reach them so she can help your firm succeed.

Cellebrite: The Solution to Your Mobile Device Discovery Challenges

Author: Neil McLean Technological advancements in the last 20 years have allowed for a digital revolution in mobile device technology that has impacted society on a global scale. This new technological landscape has provided the opportunity for rapid innovation in the ways we create, share, and store information. Although countless benefits are realized from [...]

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Complete Legal Joins the ONE Discovery Partner Program

Litigation support company Complete Legal has joined the ONE Discovery Partner Program. As a service partner, Complete Legal’s clients will benefit from ONE Discovery’s processing and review software. “As a ONE Discovery service partner, Complete Legal will use ONE Discovery’s best-in-class technology to deliver unparalleled performance for all its clients’ needs. From real-time resource management [...]

Fake News, eDiscovery and Sanctions, Oh My

Author: Jeff Dreiling Since this blog will focus on some recent eDiscovery case law involving BuzzFeed, we figured it deserved a "clickbait" headline. Recently, a case in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York provided some insight into the application of FRCP 37(e). Leidig v. Buzzfeed and FRCP 37(e) In [...]

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