Stina Hergott

About Christina Hergott

Christina has nearly ten years of experience developing and executing strategic marketing plans for small and medium sized businesses. Her goal is to understand your firm, your target client, and how to best reach them so she can help your firm succeed.

VIDEO: Complete Legal’s Trial Services

When you work with our experienced litigation experts before and during trial, you have a better chance at winning. Our Trial Services include: Courtroom Hot Seat Operator Courtroom A/V Setups Litigation Presentation Consulting Litigation Graphics (Learn More) IT War Room Setup Services Video and Deposition Editing and Syncing Deposition Syncing Trial Boards Software Training [...]

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VIDEO: Complete Legal’s Discovery Services

From collecting, exchanging and processing data, to scanning and building review databases, we make the Discovery process easier on you. Our eDiscovery services include: Data Collection and Processing Database Design and Build Database Hosting Database Training ESI Consulting Production Services Production Verification Reporting Review Design and Management Scanning / Printing / Photocopying Watch our [...]

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Plaintiff Attorneys: Select Better Cases More Quickly With These 4 Sources of Client Data

By: Neil McLean, Discovery Consultant Evaluating the merits of a case prior to filing a civil suit is one of the most important tasks a plaintiff’s attorney must perform. Usually this is done in a meeting, or series of meetings, during which the potential client will disclose the who/what/when/where/why of their case and you’ll [...]

4 Ways to Effectively Reach Millennial Jurors

You know how important it is to build a connection with your jury. But as more and more millennials are serving on jury duty, many lawyers struggle to build a connection with them.  Millennials make up about one third of the jury pool today. They tend to be outspoken and can end up as [...]

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Cellebrite: The Solution to Your Mobile Device Discovery Challenges

Author: Neil McLean Technological advancements in the last 20 years have allowed for a digital revolution in mobile device technology that has impacted society on a global scale. This new technological landscape has provided the opportunity for rapid innovation in the ways we create, share, and store information. Although countless benefits are realized from [...]

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