AmLaw 100 Insights For The Rest Of Us

By: Tom Everitt, Esq., Business Development Consultant A career in the legal industry, marked more by its longevity than its recognitions, has presented the opportunity to observe the profession in all its business forms, i.e. small/medium firm and AmLaw 100. Not surprisingly, pronounced differences in the experience exist for both clients and attorneys depending [...]

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VIDEO: Complete Legal’s Discovery Services

From collecting, exchanging and processing data, to scanning and building review databases, we make the Discovery process easier on you. Our eDiscovery services include: Data Collection and Processing Database Design and Build Database Hosting Database Training ESI Consulting Production Services Production Verification Reporting Review Design and Management Scanning / Printing / Photocopying Watch our [...]

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Plaintiff Attorneys: Select Better Cases More Quickly With These 4 Sources of Client Data

By: Neil McLean, Discovery Consultant Evaluating the merits of a case prior to filing a civil suit is one of the most important tasks a plaintiff’s attorney must perform. Usually this is done in a meeting, or series of meetings, during which the potential client will disclose the who/what/when/where/why of their case and you’ll [...]

Cellebrite: The Solution to Your Mobile Device Discovery Challenges

Author: Neil McLean Technological advancements in the last 20 years have allowed for a digital revolution in mobile device technology that has impacted society on a global scale. This new technological landscape has provided the opportunity for rapid innovation in the ways we create, share, and store information. Although countless benefits are realized from [...]

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Complete Legal Joins the ONE Discovery Partner Program

Litigation support company Complete Legal has joined the ONE Discovery Partner Program. As a service partner, Complete Legal’s clients will benefit from ONE Discovery’s processing and review software. “As a ONE Discovery service partner, Complete Legal will use ONE Discovery’s best-in-class technology to deliver unparalleled performance for all its clients’ needs. From real-time resource management [...]

Fake News, eDiscovery and Sanctions, Oh My

Author: Jeff Dreiling Since this blog will focus on some recent eDiscovery case law involving BuzzFeed, we figured it deserved a "clickbait" headline. Recently, a case in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York provided some insight into the application of FRCP 37(e). Leidig v. Buzzfeed and FRCP 37(e) In [...]

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