In-House Counsel: Take Control of eDiscovery

At Complete Legal our expert eDiscovery consultants help general and in-house counsel navigate complex and voluminous litigation-related electronically stored information (ESI) challenges.  We understand the issues corporations face and provide guidance for simplifying the process and minimizing associated costs. With Complete Legal, in-house counsel can seamlessly collect, process, review and produce all data types [...]

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12 eDiscovery Terms You Should Know

The world of eDiscovery can be intimidating. We get it. That’s why we've written posts like eDiscovery 101 – Easily explain the process and costs of eDiscovery to a 5th Grader. Even then, there are a lot of terms to know and understand. Today we're going to break down 12 eDiscovery terms you should [...]

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eDiscovery Community: ACEDS-KC Educates, Connects

By: Eric Kelting Earlier this year I was approached about joining the Board of Directors for the Association of Certified E-Discovery Specialists (ACEDS) by a long-time friend and colleague, Daniel Gold. He was attempting to launch a Kansas City chapter from scratch and needed help. I was personally familiar with ACEDS because I attend their [...]

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5 Ways to Streamline eDiscovery

By: Katrina Classen, Project Manager I’ve been working in eDiscovery for nearly ten years and in that time, I’ve learned what it takes to be successful in eDiscovery. It’s not rocket science, but the little things add up and can mean the difference between you feeling prepared and in control vs running around with [...]

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How Missouri’s New Rules on Discovery Impact Your Practice And What You Can Do About It

On August 28, 2019, the Missouri rules on discovery were updated to help streamline the discovery process, expedite speed to justice and to more closely align their rules with the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. Although these revisions in Missouri in some ways mirror the FRCP, they aren’t exactly the same. Below are a [...]