3 Takeaways From My Annual Trip to LegalTech in NYC

By: Eric Kelting, Co-Founder For each of the past 19 years, Judges, attorneys, technologists, service providers and other “Legal Geeks” have met for the annual conference that traditionally sets the tone for legal technology for the year. Now sometimes called LegalWeek, LegalTech usually features significant product debuts, innovative updates to our favorite software and [...]

eDiscovery 101 – Easily explain the process and costs of eDiscovery to a 5th Grader

By: Jeff Dreiling, Co-Founder and eDiscovery Consultant, Complete Legal eDiscovery, ESI, electronic discovery, ED, electronic data discovery, EDD, etc… Whatever you call it or whatever your experience is with it, don’t be alarmed. All of the words, phrases and acronyms above have been, and in most cases, still are, being used to describe the [...]

5 Steps for More Accurate eDiscovery Project Scope

By Steve Wheeler, Director of Partner Programs, ONE Discovery Today we are excited to share a blog post from one of our eDiscovery partners, ONE Discovery. Earlier this year we joined the ONE Discovery Partner Program, allowing us to better serve our growing roster of clients and giving us the flexibility to scale as [...]

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AmLaw 100 Insights For The Rest Of Us

By: Tom Everitt, Esq., Business Development Consultant A career in the legal industry, marked more by its longevity than its recognitions, has presented the opportunity to observe the profession in all its business forms, i.e. small/medium firm and AmLaw 100. Not surprisingly, pronounced differences in the experience exist for both clients and attorneys depending [...]

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VIDEO: Complete Legal’s Discovery Services

From collecting, exchanging and processing data, to scanning and building review databases, we make the Discovery process easier on you. Our eDiscovery services include: Data Collection and Processing Database Design and Build Database Hosting Database Training ESI Consulting Production Services Production Verification Reporting Review Design and Management Scanning / Printing / Photocopying Watch our [...]

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Plaintiff Attorneys: Select Better Cases More Quickly With These 4 Sources of Client Data

By: Neil McLean, Discovery Consultant Evaluating the merits of a case prior to filing a civil suit is one of the most important tasks a plaintiff’s attorney must perform. Usually this is done in a meeting, or series of meetings, during which the potential client will disclose the who/what/when/where/why of their case and you’ll [...]

Cellebrite: The Solution to Your Mobile Device Discovery Challenges

Author: Neil McLean Technological advancements in the last 20 years have allowed for a digital revolution in mobile device technology that has impacted society on a global scale. This new technological landscape has provided the opportunity for rapid innovation in the ways we create, share, and store information. Although countless benefits are realized from [...]

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