How a Hot Seat Operator Helps You Succeed at Trial

It’s a critical point in the trial and you’re getting ready to introduce a key piece of evidence. All of a sudden, the screen goes blank and your video won’t play. You’re panicking, your paralegal is scrambling, the judge is impatient and the jury (not to mention your client) is beginning to question your [...]

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AmLaw 100 Insights For The Rest Of Us

By: Tom Everitt, Esq., Business Development Consultant A career in the legal industry, marked more by its longevity than its recognitions, has presented the opportunity to observe the profession in all its business forms, i.e. small/medium firm and AmLaw 100. Not surprisingly, pronounced differences in the experience exist for both clients and attorneys depending [...]

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VIDEO: Complete Legal’s Trial Services

When you work with our experienced litigation experts before and during trial, you have a better chance at winning. Our Trial Services include: Courtroom Hot Seat Operator Courtroom A/V Setups Litigation Presentation Consulting Litigation Graphics (Learn More) IT War Room Setup Services Video and Deposition Editing and Syncing Deposition Syncing Trial Boards Software Training [...]

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4 Ways to Effectively Reach Millennial Jurors

You know how important it is to build a connection with your jury. But as more and more millennials are serving on jury duty, many lawyers struggle to build a connection with them.  Millennials make up about one third of the jury pool today. They tend to be outspoken and can end up as [...]

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4 Ways a Trial Technician Can Make Your Trial Easier

In smaller cases, it can be very manageable for an attorney to run their own presentation to the jury or judge on an iPad or laptop, maybe even utilize a techy paralegal to help run the technology. However, when the case is larger, and the stakes are higher, it may benefit your team to [...]

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