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Making document management easy on you.

Discovery is a lot of work, even without worrying about how you’re going to collect, exchange, and review files. That’s why we advise lawyers on the best way to manage their data, from eDiscovery to database design and build.

Discovery tools that simplify your case.

Whatever needs may arise during discovery, Complete Legal is here to help educate you and your team as to what options exists, help you make a decision and then execute as part of your team. Each case is different and we believe in listening, learning and then creating a custom solution for each of our clients each and every time.

Discovery Services

  • ESI Consulting
  • Data Collection and Processing
  • Database Design and Build
  • Database Hosting
  • Database Training
  • Review Design and Management
  • Production Services
  • Scanning / Printing / Photocopying

We’ll solve your discovery problems.

Bring us your toughest discovery related challenges and we’ll help you solve them. Your time and energy are best spent on your case, not document management.

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