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Meet our Founders

Jeff Dreiling Complete Legal KC

Jeff Dreiling


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Eric Kelting, Complete Legal Co-Founder

Eric Kelting


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Meet our Consultants

Chris Booth

Trial Consultant

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Tom Everitt Legal Consultant

Tom Everitt

Business Consultant

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Bradette Groves, Director of Project Management, Complete Legal

Bradette Groves

Director of Project Management

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McLean, Neil

Neil McLean

Discovery Consultant

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Marie Roberts Trial Consultant KC

Marie Roberts

Trial Consultant

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Meet our Team

Ryan Bauer, Senior Account Manager

Ryan Bauer

Senior Account Manager

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John Bui

Document Specialist

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Katrina Classen

Project Manager

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Justin Crawford

Project Manager

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Ashlee Eastman Complete Legal

Ashlee Eastman

Associate Project Manager

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Ebersole, Robert

Robert Ebersole

Document Specialist

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Katherine Floth

Document Specialist

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Jimmy Mulcahey

eDiscovery Specialist

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Jessica Nelson

Document Specialist

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Norton, William

William Norton

Customer Service Rep

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Iryna Nyemtsova, Complete Legal

Iryna Nyemtsova

Document Specialist

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Devin Pettenger

Office Coordinator

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Swafford, Charla

Charla Swafford

Document Specialist

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White, Andrea

Andrea White

Operations Manager

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We are dedicated to serving the legal industry and the attorneys who support it. Whether you are heading to trial or just taking on a new case, we can make the process smoother for you.

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