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Insight you can’t get anywhere else.

You may be the best litigation attorney, great at crafting a strategy, producing experts, taking depositions and working with a jury, but as you know, a lot more goes into winning a case. All too often cases get decided on the negotiation of the production protocol instead of the merits of the case. That’s where we can help.

We provide best-in-class pre-discovery consulting so you can set the stage and prevent issues down the road.

Level the playing field with our ESI experts.

Information overload is becoming more and more of a problem. The amount of data you are expected to review and understand during a case can be staggering and your competitors may have teams of attorneys and computer technology to help.

When you work with Complete Legal, you level the playing field. Our Electronically Stored Information (ESI) experts help our clients negotiate production protocols and provide Discovery Liaison services every day. They know how to protect you and your client against tough opposing counsel. With our extensive ESI protocol consulting experience, we can reduce the gray area, level the playing field, and give you the fair scenario you deserve while minimizing your outside spend.

Pre-Discovery Services

  • ESI Preparedness Consulting
  • ESI Protocol Consulting
  • Discovery Preparation

Set a solid foundation for your case, call us.

When opposing counsel hands you an ESI protocol, contact the experts. We can review the documents to ensure your case gets off to a good start while protecting your budget.

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