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Expertise you can’t find anywhere else.

Complete Legal’s trial services are led by a team of litigation experts who are well-versed at elevating your go-to trial strategy and trial presentation. We offer everything from graphics creation and pre-trial presentation preparation to courtroom and war room audio/video set ups and tear down at the conclusion of your trial.

A partner at trial so you can focus on what you do best.

Our experience at trial means we can handle everything you need before, during and after your trial, letting you focus on your client, case and winning. This includes:

  • Courtroom Hot Seat Operator: You don’t want to be stuck messing with hard-to-use equipment during trial, which is why we operate all software and/or audio/video equipment for you and help you look your best in front of the jury.
  • Courtroom A/V Setups: Looking professional during trial is a must. Our trial technicians have the equipment, technology and experience you need to ensure a seamless trial presentation in front of the judge and jury, in any jurisdiction.
  • Litigation Presentation Consulting: The way you present your case can make the difference between winning and losing. Ensure your exhibits, videos and graphics are easy to understand and organized in the best manner possible. Our litigation consultants can help you determine what is needed and how to present them.
  • Litigation Graphics: Your cases often involve complex data, we make it easy for the judge and jury to understand. Let one of our litigation experts recommend the best way to create a visual story with your facts. (See Our Full Trial Graphics Capabilities)
  • IT War Room Setup Services: Working from a remote space is less than ideal which is why we provide the tools and technology you need to manage your trial in a well-run war room.
  • Video and Deposition Editing: An effective video deposition can mean the difference between an engaged jury and a sleepy one. If your trial will call for the playback of video of any type, Complete Legal will guarantee any editing and enhancement is done to the highest of standards.
  • Deposition Synching: We can sync your text and deposition videos for seamless editing.
  • Trial Boards: When you need to present something with impact, let us create and print trial boards that resonate.
  • Software training: Increase your new hire ramp-up time or your own personal knowledge with our in-person or web-based training. We offer training on specific document review platforms, litigation strategy, and trial prevention strategies.
  • Trial Hospitality Services: When you’re busy working a case, the last thing you have time to think about is lunch. We handle the logistics of your meals, drinks and courier services in the courthouse and war room for the duration of your trial, so you can focus on what matters.
  • Printing / Copying: No need to bring in another vendor, use our printing and copying services during your trial for convenience and ease. This includes large volume and large format copy projects, binding and more.
  • Shredding Services: Whether you are from out of town or just down the street, let us handle your shredding needs at the end of trial.

Trial Services

  • Courtroom Hot Seat Operator
  • Courtroom A/V Setups
  • Litigation Presentation Consulting
  • Litigation Graphics
  • IT War Room Setup Services
  • Video and Deposition Editing and Syncing
  • Deposition Syncing
  • Trial Boards
  • Software Training
  • Trial Hospitality Services
  • Printing / Copying
  • Shredding Services

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