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Litigation graphics convince your jury.

When you look out at your jury, statistics tell us that eight of them are visual learners. The other four? They still process images 60 times faster than words and 90% of the information that actually transmits to their brain is visual.

That’s where trial graphics come in. They allow you to efficiently communicate your case, keep the jury engaged, increase juror comprehension and retention and ultimately help them believe your case.

Trial graphics create more successful cases.


Document Communications

Visualizing communications over a timeline helps lock the data in a jury’s mind.

Show Organizational Timelines

Help the jury understand your complex case with a customized timeline.

Feature Important Dates

Visual timelines call-out important dates and recap what the jury needs to recall.

Break Down Complicated Data

Make complicated data sets easy to understand in a clean timeline.


Callout Important Information

Make lengthy documents easier to understand and highlight what’s important.

Highlight Important Text

A jury can’t remember everything, so call-out the most relevant text.

Increase Comprehension

Make it easier for your jury to see the most important information with call-outs.


Show Statistics Visually

Numbers can be hard to remember, but visuals bring understanding to your case.

Bring Facts to Life

Highly visual images ensure the jury remembers the important numbers.

Make the Complex Easy to See

Medical chronologies and complex, a visual health history is simple and engaging.

Simplify Your Findings

Help juries grasp a complex concept with trial graphics and infographics.

Plan Fee:Revenue Sharing Slide

Easily Show Processes and Workflows

When you need your jury to understand a complex process, trial graphics can help.


Use Images to Illustrate Your Story

When explanations won’t work, visuals illustrate your viewpoint.

Enhance Your Presentation Slides

Presentation slides can either put the jury to sleep or tell your story.

Make Maps Matter

Visually showing a place and its attributes entices a jury in a way words won’t do.

Showcase a Specific Location with Trial Services

Showcase a Specific Location

Make it easy for a jury to understand the site of an incident with annotated maps.

Animation and Video

Elevate Your Case with Visuals and Video

Visuals and videos add interest to your trial, elevate your case and engage the jury.

Focus on your case.

Let one of our litigation experts recommend the best way to create a visual story with your facts, so you can focus on getting results for your clients

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